What Happens to My HVAC Unit if I Don’t Change the Filter Regularly?


Air filters play an integral role in your home, but oftentimes they are under-appreciated and neglected. They don’t just filter out dust, dirt, and debris that would otherwise lower your indoor air quality, but they play a critical part in ensuring that your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system runs effectively. As a matter of fact, a clogged air filter can lead to extensive damage to your system which means you have to incur lots of money in repairing it or be forced to replace it altogether.

According to statistics, clogged filters have been cited as the number one cause of HVAC systems failure. All the air that is handled your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system has to pass through the air filters. As pollen, dust, pet dander, mold and fungal spores, and other debris accumulate in your air filters, the mesh through which the air passes through becomes denser. As such, if you don’t change the filters regularly, the air passing through them will be constrained thus affecting the overall operation of your HVAC unit.

Effects of Dirty Air Filters

Reduced Indoor Air Quality – The difficulty in moving air properly means that you will not get sufficient air in your indoor space. This will result in poor air quality within your living space which can lead to asthma, respiratory problems, and allergies.

In addition, additional materials in the filters can result to the accumulation of moisture creating an ideal environment for growth of mold and bacteria colonies further lowering air in your indoor space. Replacing the filters regularly will thus ensure cleaner and healthier air which is beneficial to you and your family.

Skyrocketing Energy Bills – Because the heated or cooled air cannot travel out of the HVAC system easily, it has to work harder to push the air. When your unit is working extra harder, it draws more energy resulting to higher bills without necessarily attaining your desired indoor temperature. You will be able to save up to 15% on your energy costs by keeping your air filters clean and in good working condition.

System Failure – As pointed out earlier, clogged filters can cause extensive damage to your system and ultimately failure. This is as a result of the strain of the system to cool or warm your home. checking and changing your filters regularly will ensure longevity of your system as well as saving you a substantial amount of money in possible repairs and replacement costs.

Having seen the effects of dirty and clogged filters in your home, it is of paramount importance that you ensure that they are changed at least 1 to 3 months. Changing air filters is crucial in every way; economically, environmentally, and health-wise.

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