Why is My Electricity Bill Keeps on Skyrocketing?

Lowering HVAC Energy Bills

One of the things that homeowners dread finding in the mailbox is the electricity bill. This is because depending on your monthly consumption, this could be one of the most costly expenses you have. Irrespective of how much money you have, contending with ever increasing energy bill can be a nightmare. As a matter of fact, it may feel like your hard-earned money is flying right out of the window. Taming your energy costs can help keep your money in your wallet or better still spend on other value-adding things.

The Energy Star through its website, always advises consumers on how to cut down their energy costs and has put together lots of helpful information to help you diagnose why your bills are higher than they ought to be. If you are keen enough, it’s possible to trace your high bills to certain reasons such as faulty heating or cooling equipment, leaky windows, or even a general lack of insulation. The following are some of the reasons why your energy bill keeps on ballooning month on month.

Seasonal Temperature Fluctuations

When temperatures fluctuate season after season, the impact they can have on electricity usage can be huge. As a matter of fact, if your summer temperatures go over 100 degrees Fahrenheit or your winter temperatures go below 40 degrees Fahrenheit for just a few days, your heating and cooling systems can be forced to operate at maximum capacity meaning higher bills. Also, if you set your thermostat to keep your indoor environment more comfortable with lower humidity, seasonal changes that bring in high humidity levels can elevate your electricity bill.
The best way to handle this is through moderating the temperature of your thermostat. Even a few degrees lower or higher can have a tremendous effect.

Leaving Your Lights On

Depending on the type of bulbs you have, leaving your lights on can push up your electricity bill. For instance, if you have incandescent lights, leaving them on can result into inefficient energy usage. Over 90% of the energy these lights give off is heat and only 10% light. The best lighting to use is CFL. If you will be out of your house for more than 15 minutes, you can safely switch them off so as to lengthen their lifespan.

Plugged In Appliances

Also known as energy vampires, leaving some appliances plugged in for an extended duration of time can drain your energy and escalate your bills. This is because some appliances continue drawing electricity even if they are not turned on. Look for appliances with a status light or digital power light and unplug them. Also, battery chargers, appliances that have digital clocks, and even DVD players and televisions must be unplugged.

Excessive Use of AC

Inasmuch as an AC saves you the heat trouble during summer, knowing how to economize its usage can save you a lot of money. For instance, your AC should be serviced before the beginning of summer so that it can operate at peak efficiency. Using a programmable thermostat as well as ceiling fans can help you cut back on AC usage and still remain comfortable.

Apart from the above, you can capitalize on the efficiency of ceiling and floor fans to cool your home at a lesser cost.

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